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Fittings and Hardware

Temperature Measurement Systems has manufactures many quality fittings, connectors and other hardware needed for your temperature measurement assemblies. We have years of experience providing customers with exactly what they need, and our on-site machine shop gives us the flexibility to offer custom products.

Both High and Standard temperature connectors are available in thermocouple calibrations as well as uncompensated (copper) alloys. These connectors are ANSI color coded and are rated to 500 (°F) to 550 (°F) max.

Ultra High Temperature connectors are also available but are not shown. Ultra High Temperature connectors are rated 800 (°F) continuous service or 1000 (°F) for intermittent service. Consult TMS for Ultra High Temperature Connectors.

Fittings and Hardware products include:

  • Compression Fittings

  • Cord Grip Connectors

  • Standard Connectors

  • High Temperature Connectors

  • Standard 3-pin Connectors

  • Miniature 2-pin Connectors

  • Miniature 9-pin Connectors

Fittings & Hardware
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