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Multipoint Assemblies are manufactured in three basic designs.  Due to the many variations that are possible with these designs no ordering information is provided within this literature.  Please consult TMS with your individual specifications for these items.

Guide Tube Design – Thermocouple elements are bottomed into a block which is an integral part of the protection tube assembly.  The blocks provide increased sensitivity to temperature change.  Individual thermocouple elements are easily replaceable without the need to disassemble the entire thermocouple assembly.

Spring Loaded Design – Spring loaded design forces thermocouple hot junction to come in contact with the inner wall of the thermocouple protection tube providing quick response to temperature change.


Free Hanging Design – Thermocouple elements are manufactured to specified lengths and are secured to a Stainless Steel strap by clamps.  The Multipoint thermocouple bundle hangs freely inside the protection tube.

Other designs and configurations are available.  Consult TMS.

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