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Thermowells protect temperature sensors used in industrial processes. The materials selected for service is governed by the environment the thermowell will be subject to. Corrosion resistance is one of the major concerns in regard to material selection of a particular application.

Thermowells not only help to extend the life of temperature sensors, but they allow for easy sensor replacement and prevent temperature measurement interruptions.

TMS has provided quality thermowells for over 40 years and has the advantage of an on-site machine shop to help facilitate custom orders and improve customer service.

The sales staff at TMS is capable of offering assistance in selecting materials and/or thermowells for a given service. Suggestions can be offered based on information about the particular application.

Thermowell products include:

  • Straight Threaded Thermowells

  • Tapered Threaded Thermowells

  • Threaded Bimetal Thermometer wells

  • Flanged Thermowells

  • Van Stone Thermowells

  • Socket Weld Thermowells

  • Weld-In Thermowells

  • Test Wells

  • Sample Probes

  • Metal Protection Tubes

  • Ceramic Protection Tubes

  • Coated Thermowells

  • Specialty Thermowells to Customer Specs

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