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Thermocouples measure the voltage related to temperature difference at the junction between two dissimilar metals. They are commonly used because they are convenient, versatile and cost efficient.

Temperature Measurement System has manufactured quality thermocouples for numerous applications since 1981. We offer many thermocouple types, assemblies and elements including terminal heads, terminal and barrier blocks, extensions, tube skin assemblies and multipoint assemblies.

Our on-site machine shop gives us the ability to manufacture our own temperature sensors and offer a higher level of quality to our valued customers. It also gives us the flexibility to customize and design thermocouples to your individual specifications.

We have years of experience providing custom temperature measurement solutions based on their temperature range, chemical resistance of the thermocouple or sheath material, abrasion resistance and installation requirements.

Thermocouple products include:

  • Industrial Thermocouples

  • Miniature Thermocouples

  • Bayonet Thermocouples

  • Melt-Bolt Thermocouples

  • Washer Thermocouples

  • Wire Type Thermocouples

  • Tube Skin Thermocouples

  • Engine Thermocouples

  • Cuttable Thermocouples

  • Industrial Thermocouple Assemblies

  • Tube Skin Thermocouple Assemblies

  • Multi-Point Thermocouple Assemblies

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