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Temperature Measurement Systems provides a variety of head mounted temperature transmitters and can include them to your assembly.  The Transmitters will be calibrate to your application requirements or can be calibrated in the field.  We supply ATEX and SIL2 certified transmitter to transmitter with HART, NFC and Bluetooth. Different Outputs include, 0-10V,  4-20mA and HART


Transmitter products include:

  • Digital 2-Wire transmitter for PT100 and PT1000 with wireless communication

  • Analog adjustable 2-wire and 3-Wire transmitter

  • Programmable 2-wire transmitter dedicated for PT100 sensors

  • Base programmable 2-wire transmitter

  • High precision universal programmable 2-wire

  • Universal HART-compatible 2-wire transmitter with NFC

  • Universal 2-wire transmitter with wireless communication

  • We also provide a variety rail mounted style transmitters

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