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Temperature Measurement System has manufactured quality Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's), also known as resistive thermal devices, since 1981.

Measurement of temperature with a resistance temperature detector is a matter of measuring resistance. The sensing element in an RTD is usually a small diameter wire, processed in such a manner so that its' resistance will change in a known and repeatable manner relative to temperature.

RTD's are commonly used because their results are more stable, accurate and repeatable,. We offer many RTD sensor types and parts including terminal heads, terminal and barrier blocks, extensions and RTD elements.

RTD products include:

  • Platinum RTD's

  • Nickel RTD's

  • Copper RTD's

  • High Accuracy RTD's

  • Hard Pack RTD's

  • RTD / Transmitter Assemblies

  • RTD Assemblies

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