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Temperature Measurement Systems has manufactured quality thermocouple wire and extension wire since 1981. We offer superior customer service and products that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Thermocouple wire and extension wire is normally supplied with solid conductors; however, when greater flexibility is required, standard wire is available. Standard wire is recommended when flexibility is a major concern.

There are profound differences in thermocouple grade wire and extension grade wire. Thermocouple grade wire is used to actually measure temperature where extension grade wire is used to carry the millivolt signal to the instrumentation.

Thermocouple extension grade wire is calibrated to a maximum temperature of 400°F. The insulations used on some extension grade wire have temperature ratings above this 400 degree F range. This is to allow the wire to survive in the event it comes into contact with furnace walls and/or parts above this temperature.

Unless otherwise specified, all thermocouple wire and extension wire is supplied to meet tolerances for standard limits and special limits of error as per ANSI MC96.1.

Wire products include:

  • Insulated Thermocouple Wire

  • Insulated Thermocouple Multipair Cable

  • Standard Construction

  • RTD Wire

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